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Test method for tightness of air tightness tester

The air tightness tester is mainly applicable to the waterproof test and air tightness test equipment of electronic products. The air tightness tester is a precision sealing waterproof test equipment that senses the change of air pressure value by inflating (pressurizing) the product, and judges whether the product has leakage according to the change of air pressure value compared with the set value. What is the sealing test method of the air tightness tester?

According to whether the products have air holes, the products that need to be tested for air tightness are divided into two categories, one is products with air holes, and the other is products that are completely closed without air holes. The two sealing test methods are different. For products with gas filling holes, the sealing test method is the pressure drop method of internal pressure, which detects whether the pressure changes by filling the gas into the interior through the gas tightness detector. For products without air holes, the sealing test method used is the pressure drop method of external pressure. Completely sealed products are generally placed in a sealed mold cavity, so that the space outside the product and inside the sealed cavity can be pressurized to detect whether the pressure changes. Generally speaking, the leakage of products with good sealing is very small or no leakage, so the pressure during detection basically fluctuates little. If the pressure changes greatly, the sealing of products is not very good.

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