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Company Profile

Suzhou Loho Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is a technology-based enterprise integrating research, development, manufacturing and service of non-standard automatic production machinery and equipment. More than 10 years of mechanical engineers with technical experience in R&D of automatic production equipment in various industries; There are many electrical automation engineers. We have a strong technical R&D and manufacturing team that has experienced hundreds of battles in mechanical automation technology. Scientific R&D and manufacturing processes provide technical support and guarantee for your automation project investment!

For many years, we have always been adhering to the user's needs as the core, according to the different requirements of customers, we have solved different process equipment problems and customized equipment for customers, provided factory automation solutions for different customers, provided technical support for non-standard automation equipment for customers, and won customers' support and trust by virtue of the performance, excellent quality and satisfactory service of automated special equipment.

Business area - industrial automation manufacturing

We have been focusing on electronics, hardware, medical, automotive and other manufacturing industries for a long time. Core technical capabilities include: integrated application of industrial robot automation, integrated application of various brands of actuating elements, integrated application of control element automation technology, integrated application of sensors (laser, vision, etc.), independent R&D and manufacturing of mechanical automation technology. We closely follow the major automation brands (Mitsubishi, Siemens, Omron, Panasonic, KEENS, Cognex, etc.) to provide you with more optimized automatic production technology. In particular, we have made good achievements in the production equipment and detection equipment of automobile oxygen sensors. Shanghai Kaisheng, Hangzhou Nanao, Beijing Bomandi, Shenzhen Ansheng, Jiaxing Lande, Taiwan Yuxin, Nantong Laiding, Chengdu Kaitian, etc. are our partners for many years.

Equipment manufacturing - standardized production management

We regard the quality of equipment as our life. The core parts are selected from first-line brands. From raw material procurement to production, assembly and testing, they are implemented according to the high standards of the industry. Scientific management, process and standardized production ensure the excellent quality of each equipment.

Customer service - considerate whole process service system

We have established a complete customer service system, and a well-trained and skilled technical service team serves customers, including technical scheme customization before R&D and manufacturing, equipment installation and commissioning, technical training and 24-hour after-sales technical support services.

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